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From time to time, Whiting Law Group publishes blog posts on topics of interest to the firm’s clients and to the wider legal community.

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Construction Accident Lawyers in Chicago and Wisconsin

Accidents Due to Roadside Construction

September 14, 2016

At Whiting Law Group, our construction accident attorneys know that many accidents and injuries happen at construction sites in Illinois and Wisconsin. We help victims recover after many different types of construction accidents and understand how complex these cases can …

Illinois Truck Accident Lawyer

Why do Commercial Trucks Jackknife?

September 7, 2016

Jackknife accidents are among the most dangerous types of accidents in which a commercial truck can be involved. This is because a jackknifed truck is virtually impossible to control, meaning that it could easily slam into anything around it and …

Distracted Driving Lawyers in Illinois and Wisconsin

New Dangers of Using Smartphones While Driving

August 31, 2016

Using a smartphone to text or read while driving is one of the most dangerous – if not the most dangerous – types of driving distractions. At Whiting Law Group, Ltd., we represent the rights of individuals who have been …

Illinois Truck Accident Lawyer

Negligent Hiring in the Trucking Industry

August 26, 2016

The commercial trucking industry is an important part of the economy in the United States and there are many large and small trucking companies that oversee most of the trucks on the road. When a trucking company is negligent in …

Chicago, IL Truck Accident Lawyers

How Truck Cameras can Help Your Truck Accident Case

August 24, 2016

Cases involving large commercial trucks can be complicated. Fortunately, the truck accident attorneys at the Whiting Law Group, Ltd. stay apprised of new developments in the trucking industry to better represent the rights of clients injured in commercial truck accidents. …

Distracted Driving Awareness

Distracted Driving Awareness

August 16, 2016

431,000. That’s the number of people injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in 2014, according to the U.S Department of Transportation. The National Safety Council estimates that 25% of crashes involve cell phones (phone conversations or text messaging). …

NTSB Calls for Immediate Action on Collision Avoidance for Vehicles

NTSB Calls for Immediate Action on Collision Avoidance for Vehicles; Cities Slow Progress as Major Safety Issues

August 9, 2016

In a recent report, the National Transportation Safety Board outlined the life-saving benefits of currently available collision avoidance systems and recommended that the technology become standard on all new passenger and commercial vehicles. NTSB’s Special Investigation report, “The Use of …

A Truck Driver’s Health Issues Impact Alertness

A Truck Driver’s Health Issues Impact Alertness

August 2, 2016

A recent CBS News investigation found hundreds of instances in which crashes were linked to drivers’ health issues, particularly sleep disorders and vision problems. There’s no thrill for the millions of motorists who may be navigating the interstates alongside truck …

Accidents Due to Negligent Pavement & Shoulder Edge Drop-Offs

Accidents Due to Negligent Pavement & Shoulder Edge Drop-Offs

July 25, 2016

A pavement or shoulder edge drop-off is a condition where there is a significant elevation change (uneven pavement) from one travel lane to another, or between a travel lane and the adjacent shoulder. This condition is known to be hazardous …

Safety Technology to Combat Driver Distraction and Fatigue

Safety Technology to Combat Driver Distraction and Fatigue

July 18, 2016

Advances in technology are giving trucking companies increasingly sophisticated ways to combat distracted and drowsy driving – two of the biggest threats to fleet safety. Additional safety technology offers a video safety system designed to help motor carriers to tackle …