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From time to time, Whiting Law Group publishes blog posts on topics of interest to the firm’s clients and to the wider legal community.

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OSHA and Construction Law

OSHA and Construction Accident Law

August 4, 2015

OSHA is a government organization that gets talked about in our workplaces and on our job sites. But few people really understand what OSHA is, what is does and how it plays out in construction accident litigation. OSHA – the …

What to look for when hiring a construction accident attorney

What to Look for When Hiring a Construction Accident Attorney

June 22, 2015

While many attorneys advertise that they handle construction accidents, few lawyers have devoted a significant portion of their practice to construction accident cases, making them well experienced and equipped to handle the complex issues that arise in such cases. The personal injury …

The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois

National Kidney Foundation of Illinois: A Wonderful Organization

February 24, 2015

When my mother needed a kidney transplant, it was through the NKFI that I was able to be part of a donation chain in a miraculous process that saved my mom’s life.

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A Few Words of Thanks

November 27, 2014

With the arrival of this Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded yet again of the many blessings from God. In wishing the Whiting Law Group family, friends and clients a very happy and safe Thanksgiving, I wanted to share 5 things about which I am deeply grateful.

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Investigating Construction Accidents

September 30, 2014

When investigating a construction accident, it is very important to look beyond the victim’s employer for a cause of action. There may be other companies or organizations that bear responsibility for the injury.

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Social Media and Informal Discovery

August 27, 2014

With social media increasingly prevalent in America today, it has become an important and potentially very harmful tool of informal discovery in personal injury and truck accident tort cases.

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Social Media in the Courts

June 27, 2014

As social media plays an increasingly prevalent role in society, judges and lawyers are working to understand how social media content is working its way into courts and personal injury cases.

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Games Big Insurance Companies Play

May 30, 2014

Some big insurance companies play hide behind dodgy tactics and complex legal wording to get out of paying legitimate insurance claims. There’s a way to beat these big insurance companies at their own game.

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How to Win a Slip and Fall Case

May 12, 2014

Proving liability in slip and fall cases, especially when they occur in retail stores is difficult. Our personal injury and accident attorneys detail how to win slip and fall cases.

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Pursing Dog Bite Claims

April 29, 2014

Successfully pursuing justice against owners of dogs who attack unlawfully is not an easy job. To have a claim against a dog owner in the State of Illinois, a bite victim must satisfy four key elements in order to recover damages.