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From time to time, Whiting Law Group publishes blog posts on topics of interest to the firm’s clients and to the wider legal community.

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Chicago trucking attorney

The pros and cons of settling your truck accident case

February 2, 2016

A legal settlement is usually reached when the parties are able to arrive at an agreement outside of court.  There are several methods that can be used by an attorney to settle your truck accident case.  These methods include arbitration, …

Should I file a personal injury claim or worker compensation claim

Should I file a personal injury claim or worker compensation claim?

January 29, 2016

The personal injury lawyers at Whiting Law Group, Ltd. understand how difficult it can be to identify the right legal action when you are injured on the job. Let us help you receive the compensation you deserve. The most significant …

Driver Coercion Rule

Driver Coercion Rule Takes Effect January 29, 2016

January 14, 2016

The Chicago trucking accident attorneys at Whiting Law Group, LTD. have been watching the development of this rule over the course of years. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety [1] Administration (FMCSA), coercion occurs when a motor carrier, shipper, …

Chicago construction accident

Popular Defense of Blaming the Injured Worker Doesn’t Work

January 5, 2016

In a personal injury action, the plaintiff has the burden of proof. We are all likely familiar with the burden of proof in a criminal case – ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’ This is not the standard for civil actions. In …

Chicago semi truck accident attorney

Do I need an Attorney after a Chicago Semi-Truck Accident?

December 30, 2015

People who are involved in truck accidents are often confused, hurt, and uncertain about what to do next. One of the issues that many accident victims consider is whether they should retain an attorney to represent them. While there are …

chicago social media lawsuit

Personal Injury Victims Should Consider their Social Media Use

December 22, 2015

The immense and explosive popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have encouraged a culture in which people can share nearly every aspect of their lives on the Internet. Even a cursory glance at the average Facebook …

chicago pileup

What Kinds of Injuries are Commonly Sustained in Rear-End Accidents?

December 16, 2015

Rear-end accidents are almost always unavoidable and rarely occur due to the fault of the lead driver. In many cases, they occur without warning while an innocent victim is sitting at a stoplight or slowing down as he or she …

Chicago trucking Lawyer

Illinois Jackknife Accident can Entitle Victims to Significant Compensation

December 14, 2015

Jackknife accidents are a particularly dangerous type of accident that involve the trailer of a semi-truck swinging out from behind the cab and folding against the cab, resembling the action of a folding knife. Trucks that have jackknifed are nearly …

chicago road construction

Accidents are Common in Road Construction Zones

December 8, 2015

Road construction is necessary to improve, maintain, and repair highways and roadways. However, these work zones can cause dangerous conditions for drivers. Road work zones commonly slow or stop the flow of traffic, have narrow lanes, require cars to merge …

Smartwatches and driving

Are Smartwatches as Dangerous as Smartphones?

December 7, 2015

Everyone should realize that the rise of smartphones and other handheld mobile devices has increased distracted driving1 across the United States. Because of the risks of texting, emailing, browsing social media, or searching the Internet while driving, Illinois and Wisconsin …