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Confidential Recovery for Fan Seriously Injured at Blackhawks Hockey Game

$8,000,000 in the Wrongful Death in a Chemical Plant Explosion

$3,000,000 for Wrongful Death in an Out-Of-State Truck Crash

$2,500,000 for Victim of Runaway Car at Auto Auction

$1,900,000 for Injury from a Drug Manufacturer's Defective Product

$1,850,000 for the Wrongful Death of a 3-Month-Old Due to Medical Malpractice

$1,700,000 in the Wrongful Death of 76-year Old Hit by an Ambulance

$1,550,000 for 22-Year Old Woman Killed in a Truck Accident

$1,425,000 for Victims Killed or Injured in Indiana Truck Accident

$1,250,000 for a Woman Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

$1,070,000 for Laborer Injured on a Construction Site

$750,000 for the Wrongful Death of a 52-Year-Old Woman

$750,000 for the Wrongful Death of an 82-Year-Old Man in a Trucking Collision

$700,000 Recovery for Medical Malpractice of a 58-Year-Old Woman

$650,000 Settlement for the Wrongful Death of a 48-Year-Old Woman

$610,000 Recovery for an Automobile Accident in Walworth County, Wisconsin

$550,000 Recovery for Wrongful Death of a Woman as a Result of Medical Malpractice

$500,000 Recovery for a Man Injured as a Result of a Neurosurgeon's Negligence

$490,000 in the Phen-Fen Class Action Litigation

$475,000 Recovery for a Woman Injured in a Collision with a Truck

$400,000 Recovery for a Pedestrian Hit by a Tow Truck

$400,000 Recovery for Trucker who Rear-Ended Another Truck


National Kidney Foundation of Illinois: A Wonderful Organization

A Few Words of Thanks

Investigating Construction Accidents

Social Media and Informal Discovery

Social Media in the Courts

Games Big Insurance Companies Play

How to Win a Slip and Fall Case

Pursing Dog Bite Claims

Injured by the Actions of Someone Else; What is Recoverable?

Why Do People Hate Lawyers?

Safe and Reliable Daycare: Where Do the Answers Lie?

Delivering Reliable Daycare Through Improved Regulation and Monitoring

The True Cost of Daycare in America Today

Why Doomsday Hasn't Arrived for Malpractice Insurer

Risking More Than Safety: Punitive Damages and Texting While Driving

Failure to Follow Safe Driving Rules Likely Led to Auto Auction Crash

National Transportation Safety Board to Ban Cell Phone Use for Commercial Truck and Bus Drivers

The dangers of unlicensed or unregulated daycare providers

Preparation for trial in truck accident litigation cases

Initializing a large truck litigation suit

The complex nature of trucking accident litigation

The prevalence of trucking accidents in the USA


News Archive

Sara M. Davis Named as a Super Lawyer for 2015

Sara Davis Welcomed as a Partner to Whiting Law Group

$1.07 Million Settlement for Construction Worker Injured by OSHA Violation

Tim Whiting to Deliver CLE Seminar on Truck Accident Litigation 101

$1.55 Million for a 22-Year Old Woman Killed by a Truck

Tim Whiting to Present at the APITLA National Conference

Whiting Law Group's Emergency Trucking Accident Response Team Secures Critical Evidence

Sara Davis Named as a Super Lawyer for 2014

Whiting Law Group Co-Sponsors An Expert Technology Focused CLE Seminar

A Winning Verdict of More than Triple the Pre-Trial Settlement Offer

Whiting Law Group Delivers Value and Inspiration in CLE Seminar

Whiting Law Group Announces a Free CLE Course: Starting and Running Your Own Law Firm

Whiting Law Group Welcomes Torrie N. Poplin as an Associate Personal Injury and Accident Attorney

Introducing the Trucking Accident Lawyer Blog

Whiting Law Group welcomes Attorney Sara M. Davis to the firm of Personal Injury Lawyers

Stryker Hip Implants: Important Recall Information

$1.425 Million for Passengers Killed or Injured in an I-65 Trucking Accident

$725,000 for a 20-year old woman injured as a result of medical malpractice

$2.5 Million for Accident Victim of Runaway Car at Auto Auction

$1.25 Million in a Motorcycle Accident, Settled in 12 Months

$610,000 in Walworth County, Wisconsin Automobile Accident

Whiting Law Group joins with Donate Life to promote organ and tissue donation

Unlicensed Childcare Bill to Be Sent to Wisconsin Legislature Committee

Whiting Law Group Secures Maximum Compensation Allowed for the Death of a Minor Child in Illegal Day Care Case

Responding to the SimplyThick Product Recall

Whiting Law Group fights for rights of child killed in an illegal daycare

Whiting Law Group Launches New Firm Blog

Supporting Catholic Charities Legal Assistance

$1,900,000 for Several Victims Injured from a Drug Manufacturer’s Defective Product

Whiting Law Group Wins $3 Million Verdict in Out-of-State Trucking Accident

A Decade on His Own – a Q and A Session with Chicago Lawyer

Whiting Law Group Files Lawsuit in Fatal Truck Crash in Wadsworth

A parade of praise for Whiting Law Group

Timothy M. Whiting wins jury award of more than five times defendant’s pre-trial offer

Whiting Law Group Files Suit on Behalf of Family Members Killed and Injured in I-65 Crash

Whiting Law Group now on Facebook

Whiting Law Group Highly Recommended by Clients and Colleagues

Tim Whiting Named as Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America for the 2nd Consecutive Year

Whiting Law Group is representing several victims of the Burr Oaks Cemetery tragedy

Tim Whiting named as Volunteer of the Month by Catholic Charities

Timothy Whiting Named Top 100 Lawyers by American Trial Lawyers Association

Whiting Law Group litigating Fleet Phospho-Soda Cases

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