10 Keys to Hiring a Top Truck Accident Attorney

If you are hurt in a truck accident, or perhaps even worse, when a loved one is hurt or killed in an accident involving a truck, finding a top quality truck accident attorney can be overwhelming. The stress, sadness and confusion that often follow such tragedies make the process even more difficult for accident victims or surviving family members. To help clients make the best decisions for themselves and their family, I am sharing a list of 10 keys to help make hiring a top trucking accident attorney less stressful and confusing.

Hiring the Right Truck Accident Attorney

1. Every Accident Involving a Truck Needs an Attorney Who Concentrates on Truck Accidents

Any litigation involving a collision with a truck is by its very nature complex. The sheer weight, size and mass of the big trucks make them complex and dangerous when not safely operated. The laws and rules surrounding operating a semi-tractor trailer on our roads and highways are numerous and detailed. To successfully fight for justice for victims of truck accidents, an attorney needs to know the trucking industry rules and regulations, truck accident investigation and truck crash litigation inside and out. As a personal injury and accident attorney, I have primarily focused my efforts on truck crashes for more than 15 years. I fight for justice for victims injured by the negligence of truck drivers and trucking companies.

2. Top Truck Accident Lawyers Have Recovered Millions for Victims of Truck Collisions

The delivery of top quality results for victims of truck accidents is a key way to measure the success of a truck accident attorney. While money is no substitute for the death of a loved one, or for the suffering of a severe injury, it is a way to hold negligent wrong-doers accountable for their actions. A review of the our firm’s results makes it very clear that my colleagues and I can achieve the very best compensation for those wrongly injured or killed in trucking accidents.

3. Leading Truck Lawyers Publish Articles in Their Area of Focus

The top truck lawyers are thought leaders. They stay abreast of the latest news, trends, innovations and technology in trucking accident litigation. These attorneys are the ones setting the trends through their articles and publications. I have published many articles in leading magazines for attorneys about a number of topics on truck accident litigation, including liability for shippers and evaluating load securement cases.

4. Top Truck Lawyers Are Frequent Speakers at Truck Accident Law Seminars

Trucking attorneys looking to improve their skills attend seminars and conferences geared toward truck accident law and litigation. As a truck accident attorney, I have attended numerous national, state and local trucking seminars in my career. Over the past few years, I have also been asked to deliver presentations at national seminars on truck accident topics in Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas and Wisconsin.

5. Top Trucking Lawyers Are Members of National Truck Accident Litigation Groups

A good truck accident attorney must be focused on more than holding negligent drivers and companies accountable for their wrongdoing. They must be actively working to reduce the risks and hazards associated with the cause of their clients’ crashes. A strategic way to address those safety concerns is through active membership in and leadership of professional associations for truck accident attorneys. Currently, I serve on the Interstate Trucking Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice. I have previously served on the National Advisory Board of Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America (APITLA), a national association of committed truck accident lawyers. Earlier this year, I was also invited to take on a leadership role with a new trucking group for acclaimed truck accident lawyers.

6. Truck Lawyers Know about the Technology Trucking Companies Use to Store Key Electronic Data

In today’s modern world, truck drivers and trucking companies store their logbooks and maintenance records in electronic format. It’s very important to know how to access that data and how to process it. At Whiting Law Group, we are well versed in the latest technology at use in the trucking industry. We also maintain a team of leading industry experts to keep us apprised of the latest trends and developments.

7. Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys Know the Federal Regulations and CDL Rules for Truck Drivers and Truck Companies

There are hundreds of federal rules and regulations that dictate the safe operation and maintenance of trucks. Truck drivers must also learn and follow the CDL (Commercial Driving License) Rules while operating their big rigs. Our personal injury and truck accident attorneys are very well versed in these detailed rules. We know from our experience that knowledge of these safety rules is often pivotal to holding negligent truck drivers, trucking companies, shippers and others in the transportation chain accountable when their wrongdoing causes harm to you or your loved ones.

8. Top Truck Lawyers Handle Fewer Than 15 Truck Cases at a Time

Successful litigation of a truck accident often hinges on paying attention to all of the complex details of any truck wreck case. That requires closely managing the litigation of every aspect of a case. At my firm, we keep our caseload lighter than many personal injury and trucking accident attorneys so that we can focus intently on delivering the best possible results for our clients.

9. The Best Truck Accident Lawyers Have Pursued Cases or Co-Counseled in Serious Truck Accident and Wrongful Death Cases Across the Country

Top truck accident lawyers are asked to represent clients in many jurisdictions. The reputation of those successful trial lawyers encourages victims and other attorneys to seek out their skill and experience for their own respective cases. As a truck accident attorney, I have secured justice for clients in California, Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois. I have also been asked by many attorneys around the country to co-counsel on their trucking cases .

10. The Best  Lawyers Focus on Client Care and Communication

At Whiting Law Group, we pride ourselves on our level of client care and communication. We are deeply committed to keeping our clients informed of progress in their cases. We want them actively involved in their fight for justice.

Top Firms Are Well Resourced and Capable of a Long Fight

At Whiting Law Group, we have formed an Emergency Response Truck Accident Investigation Team to preserve critical evidence and data when our clients are involved in a trucking accident. Our response team is made up of leading experts and accident investigators from around the country. Within hours of joining in a case, our emergency response team can be on the scene, interviewing witnesses, securing evidence and determining the facts of the crash. Moreover, we have the financial resources available to advance all expenses and hire necessary investigators and experts to successfully protect your rights.

Hiring Whiting Law Group

Hiring a truck accident attorney doesn’t have to be hard, and I hope these 10 keys help make the process and choice easier for you.

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