Dangerous Truck Drivers Evade Safety Tools

In the wake of the deadly truck crash on I-88 in suburban Chicago, ABC7 News Investigative Reporter Chuck Goudie has been reporting on sketchy practices that dangerous truck drivers have been using for years. Unscrupulous truck drivers install electronic devices that hide their true speed from the trucking companies monitoring system, allowing the drivers to violate regulations, break laws and dramatically the risk to others around them.

Dangerous Truck Drivers Trick Technology

In the many years that I’ve been working as truck accident injury lawyer, I have seen firsthand the tragic results of cases where dangerous truck drivers evade safety mechanisms designed to keep them and the motoring public safe. The device mentioned in the video, which tricks speed governors into allowing the drivers to drive over the speed limit, is allegedly to have been used in the fiery truck crash on I-88 last week.

With truck accident deaths on the rise, this sort of dangerous and unethical practice needs to be made illegal. The only reasons a truck driver would use a device that evades the controls of a speed governor are to flout speed limits and get around the FMCSA’s rules and regulations. These dangerous truck drivers speed so they can make more money. They make the deliberate choice to choose profit over safety and put all of the motoring public like the tollway worker and state police officer at risk of death and or serious injury.

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The full article is available on the ABC7 News website.

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