Determining if Driver Fatigue Was a Factor in a Truck Accident

Driver fatigue is a deadly issue in a truck accident and is a national safety crisis for all of us who share the roads with these giant machines. Determining whether driver fatigue played a role in causing a truck crash requires knowledge, experience and the proper resources.

Emergency Response Team: Key to Determining Driver Fatigue

At Whiting Law Group, our emergency response truck accident investigation team can be on the scene of a truck crash within 24 hours of our firm being hired. Our team of leading accident experts and investigators will begin immediately securing critical evidence to prove whether fatigued driving was the cause of the collision including serving spoliation letters on the truck driver and trucking company to preserve the logbook and driver qualification file. These two critical pieces of evidence allow us to determine whether the driver or the company violated the regulated hours of service and whether the driver had medical conditions that could lead to fatigue.

Working to Eliminate Driver Fatigue

Determining Driver Fatigue in Truck Crashes is Part of Stopping Driver Fatigue.In recent years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has made progress in addressing the dangers of driver fatigue. By reducing the hours of service that truck drivers can operate their 80,000 lbs. machines, the FMCSA is heading in the right direction towards improving the trucking industry’s safety record.

Determining driver fatigue in truck accidents is just one part of the issue. More must be done to reduce the safety risks of driver fatigue. Awareness campaigns for not only truck drivers and trucking companies, but also for the rest of the motoring public is key to improving driver fatigue management. Of course, holding negligent drivers accountable for the injury, death and damage that they cause through driver fatigue – and other misdeeds – is a key part of changing the culture around driver fatigue.

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