Driver-facing Cameras Should be Mandatory for Safety Purposes

As in any other industry, there are trends among commercial trucking companies. One of the latest trends [1] in the trucking industry is actually very important to hopefully increase trucking safety and to identify when a driver acts carelessly to cause an accident. Many trucking companies are installing cameras in the trucks to record driving behaviors. Trucks can have cameras that record the road in front of the truck. In the event of an accident, these cameras can shed light on what happened just before a collision. For example, the camera footage can show whether a truck driver was tailgating a vehicle or whether a dangerous lane change occurred. In addition, cameras can be mounted facing the driver to record their behavior while they are on the clock. For example, a camera would be able to identify whether a driver was doing any of the following:

·         Unlawfully using a handheld mobile device; [2]

·         Engaging in any other distracting activities such as eating, drinking, or controlling the radio;

·         Nodding off behind the wheel;

·         Drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs;

·         Engaging in aggressive, enraged, or threatening driving behaviors.

Many drivers have protested this new practice as they believe it invades their privacy. However, trucking companies state it is meant to deter dangerous behavior from occurring and not to punish drivers.

In the event of an accident, footage from these cameras can be used as important evidence of a truck driver’s negligence. Though cameras are not yet mandatory, they should be both to keep the roads safer and to help hold truckers liable for dangerous behavior.

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