Driver Qualification Files: A Definition

Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies are required by federal law under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to keep detailed and extensive records that document the professional history of the drivers themselves. These records are collectively known as driver qualification files.

What Are Driver Qualification Files?

What Do Driver Qualification Files Document?

Driver Qualification FilesDriver qualification files document a great deal of important and relevant information about a truck driver, such as his application for employment, his state driving record, a medical examiners certificate, his history of alcohol and drug testing, driver investigation records and much, much more. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations detail what records are required to be maintained in driver qualification files.

These records hold critical information about the health of a driver and could reveal medical conditions that are likely to have caused driver fatigue. They could demonstrate a history of substance abuse that might have contributed to the cause of an accident. The records could illustrate a history of driving and safety violations. In fact, they could even prove that the truck driver should have never been legally allowed to even operate their truck.

While past wrongdoings or medical conditions are not always indicators of what happened in the immediate truck case, they can hold insight into possible causes or reasons for concern.

Our Trucking Experts Know Driver Qualification Files

At Whiting Law Group, we have truck accident experts and investigators who have decades of experience reviewing and analyzing driver’s qualification files. This experience enables us to get to the real facts behind a crash and to ultimately build a winning case.

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