Games Big Insurance Companies Play

This post was written by Sara M. Davis, a Partner at Whiting Law Group.

As a personal injury attorney, I know all too well how some big insurance companies use dodgy tactics and complex legalese to shirk their fiduciary responsibilities to their customers. Some of the big insurance providers are all very ready, willing and able to sell all sorts of policies to unsuspecting customers, often with great upfront customer sales support, only to play hardball in times of need, making claiming insurance benefits very difficult and trying.

Where the Tires Hit the Road: Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

As a personal injury and accident attorney, I see the big insurance companies roll out these hide the dice games predominantly in cases that involve insured or underinsured motorists. While big insurance companies are often so willing to sell coverage to drivers who wish to protect themselves from insured or underinsured drivers, all too often I’ve seen those same big insurance companies bucking when their customers make claims against those same policies.

In these cases, our clients typically suffers an injury or wrong at the hands of a driver who either did not have any car insurance at the time of the crash, or who had such little coverage that it failed to cover the costs of medical treatments for our client. If our client had uninsured or underinsured auto insurance, then our client can claim the costs that are not covered by the defendant driver’s insurance.

Confronting Big Insurance Companies

At Whiting Law Group, our advice is to make sure that you have an experienced attorney who knows how to read the finer points of insurance company policies. A good lawyer can often make quick work of difficult insurance companies by pointing out their own policies to them, demonstrating why those insurance companies are liable for covering the submitted claims.

Although we have long focused on fighting for the rights of victims, Tim Whiting and I both started our legal careers on the defense side. Through that experience, we have particular insight into how such big insurance companies operate. We are uniquely poised to spot the issues for our own clients given the work we did for the first few years after law school. We have put that insight to good use more than a few times.

If you or a loved one have suffered serious medical harm in an auto or truck accident and are struggling with claims against your insurance company, I invite you to contact Whiting Law Group. We can be reached on 877-936-7200 for a free and private consultation about your case.

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