Improper Care Selecting Truck Drivers or Companies: A Leading Cause of Truck Accidents

In the last of my series about the five most common causes of truck accidents, I’ll explore the role of shippers in selecting suitable trucking companies and truck drivers. In this emerging area of the law, courts have ruled that shippers have a duty of care to select a safe trucking company to transport their products and goods on our nation’s roads and highways.

Improper Care Selecting Drivers and Trucking Companies

Safe Shippers Make Safer Roads
Safe Shippers Make Safer Roads

When selecting a suitable trucking company or truck driver, shippers need to ensure that their selection process or system enables them to select a safe option for transporting their goods on the road.

Unsafe trucking companies or truck drivers run into problems when they choose profits over safety. That focus on profits over safety can impact road safety in a number of concerning ways:

  • Lack of training for drivers, maintenance providers, inspection teams and even cargo loaders
  • Cutting corners on the maintenance and safety inspection of trucks and trailers
  • A failure to invest in new or updated equipment and technology
  • Paying lower salaries or pay rates for drivers, thereby attracting less qualified or professional employees

When shippers choose unsafe or sub-standard companies, they put the motoring public at risk.

Proving Shipper Liability


In recent years, courts across the country have been ruling about the role that shippers – the owner of the goods that are placed on a truck and driven across the country – play in keeping our roads safe. In a phrase, those shippers need to make sure that they have a system in place that will ensure that they choose a trucking company and truck driver that can be trusted to safely transport its goods.

In the above video, I explain how truck accident attorneys can prove shipper liability in truck accident cases. (On a number of occasions, I have delivered seminars about shipper liability at a leading conference of truck accident attorneys.)

Helping Families Hurt by Unsafe Shippers

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