Supporting Higher Minimum Trucking Insurance Requirements

As a member of the Trucking Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice (AAJ), I have seen firsthand how theminimum trucking insurance requirements really are required in today’s economy. The size and mass of these giant machines means that when they are involved in crashes, especially at highway speeds, is like to cause significant damage, injury or death.

Minimum Trucking Insurance Requirements Must be Raised to Make Our Roads Safer

In response to consideration of higher minimum trucking insurance requirements by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the AAJ President, Lisa Blue Baron, delivered the following statement:

“This rulemaking is extremely important to help improve accountability and safety for all motorists. Increasing insurance minimums will help restore justice for all Americans injured by trucks.”

As a practicing lawyer, I wholeheartedly support President Blue Baron’s statement and encourage the FMCA and our congressional leadership in Washington to support this important safety update.

The Cost of Truck Accidents

Higher minimum trucking insurance requirements are necessary to
Higher minimum trucking insurance requirements are necessary to “make trucking industry safety a priority”.

In statistics released by the AAJ, close to four thousand people are killed in truck crashes every year. The costs associated with a fatal truck accident typically exceed $4.3 million! Yet, according to the current federal guidelines, truck drivers and trucking companies are required only to maintain a fraction of that amount in insurance coverage.

Shockingly, the minimum trucking insurance requirements have never been adjusted since they were first set more than three decades ago.

  1. The increase in limits would only increase the premium cost 25% and this is even less if you factor for three decades it has not ever been increased so this would sprinkle costs over three decades.
  2. The victims of these tragic crashes from the unsafe trucking companies and drivers are required then to rely on Medicare and other social programs to pay for their lifetime medical care costs due to the trucking company having minimal insurance.
  3. Every cost or price in the marketplace has increased with inflation in the past 30 years,  including truck driver wages and trucking companies profits. However, there has not been a single inflationary increase of the minimum trucking insurance requirements since they were first passed in 1980.

Take Action Today to Make a Safer Tomorrow

Together, we can make our roads safer. I invite you to contact your Senators and US Representatives: ask them to support higher minimum trucking insurance requirements. With our combined efforts, I am hopeful that the FMCSA will increase the minimum trucking insurance requirements that are more in keeping with the true costs of serious truck accidents.

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