Securing Critical Evidence in Truck Accidents within the First 24 Hours

Securing Evidence in Truck Accidents is Critical in the First 24 HoursSecuring critical evidence in truck accidents often proves vital to the strength of a case. Last week, our office was contacted by the niece of a widow whose husband was recently killed in a tragic truck crash. I responded to that contact personally, calling the young woman on the phone to discuss the aspects of the truck accident. From that short conversation, it was clear that this woman’s aunt needed immediate help to secure justice against those who were responsible for the death of her husband. Within 24 hours of being retained, Whiting Law Group had secured key evidence and filed suit to protect and preserve the critical evidence necessary for trial.

The Emergency Truck Accident Investigation Team in Action

As soon as I hung up the phone, I contacted the Whiting Law Group Emergency Response Truck Accident Investigation Team. Our leading investigators and truck accident experts rolled into action to begin the process of rapidly identifying and protecting the critical aspects of the evidence surrounding the truck accident.

The morning after we were retained, I drove to southern Illinois to meet with our new client and our team. Our Emergency Response Truck Accident Investigation Team was already sent and ready to start gathering critical evidence to prove our case. Upon our arrival, we immediately set to work identifying and interviewing key witnesses, investigating the crash scene and preserving the evidence.

Securing Critical Evidence in Truck Accidents

To prevent the destruction of evidence that I believe will be crucial to the case, Whiting Law Group filed suit against the defendant truck driver and trucking company that caused the fatal accident – on the same day that we began our investigation. At the same time, we filed a petition with the court to secure, document and preserve the evidence — before the defendants had the opportunity to destroy it. Through its quick, on-scene and follow-up investigation, our Emergency Response Truck Accident Investigation Team enabled us to specifically identity key items that were under direct threat of destruction by the defendants.

Evidence Collection Means Being Ready

As a truck accident attorney, I’ve been fighting for the rights of victims for many years. I’ve come to learn that the best way to handle truck accident cases is to have the right investigation team in place before they are needed. Our Emergency Response Truck Accident Investigation Team is on call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. They are leading accident investigators and truck experts. When our clients need help, our team springs right into action because they are already in place and ready to do so. This approach has proven crucial to securing critical evidence in truck accidents on countless occasions.

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