Speed Governors for Trucks

For many years now, speed governors for trucks have offered drivers and trucking companies a powerful safety tool to help reduce the risk of truck accidents. Speed governors can reduce the extent of damage and injuring in crashes by restricting the top speed of the big trucks.

Speed Governors in the Deadly I-88 Truck Crash

Following the tragic fatal accident that Speed Governors Help Reduce Truck Accidentsoccurred on I-88 in Illinois earlier this year, ABC News Investigative Report Chuck Goudie shined a light on the shady practices that some unscrupulous truck drivers use to circumvent speed governors.

According to Chuck Goudie’s report, one sure device, called the “Safety Pass Pro”, is advertised as a “total stealth” way to fool any trucks speed limiters, allowing truckers to go further in less time. Clearly such a device has no place on our road. It will only lead to more truck accidents, deaths and injuries.

A Study of Safety of Speed Governors for Trucks

In 2007, the American Transportation Research Institute conducted a study entitled The Role of Speed Governors in Truck Safety. The study was based on a survey of speed governor usage within the commercial trucking industry.

Perhaps the most concerning metric from the study was that 30.2% of respondents to the ATRI study reported that truck drivers tampered with speed governor settings. There is no valid reason for tampering with those settings. Doing so only allows the truck to go faster than the law allows.

Download the ATRI Preliminary Analysis Report (PDF)

A Call for Truck Safety

As a truck accident lawyer, I am committed to the safety of everyone who uses our nation’s roads and highways. As a member of the National Advisory Board of APITLA, I make a concerted effort to improve the safety trucking industry through improved legislation, education and litigation.

It strikes me as obvious that for commercial tractor trailers, devices which can circumvent speed governors for trucks should be illegal. Most speed governor restrictions are tied to state and national speed limits — why would any safe truck need to go faster than the speed limit?

As Illinois Senator Dick Durbin suggested earlier this year, the trucking industry needs to be closely monitored to ensure that it is not avoiding safety regulations. Only through this close regulation and monitoring will we improve the safety of the trucking industry.

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