How Truck Cameras can Help Your Truck Accident Case

Cases involving large commercial trucks can be complicated. Fortunately, the truck accident attorneys at the Whiting Law Group, Ltd. stay apprised of new developments in the trucking industry to better represent the rights of clients injured in commercial truck accidents.

Installation of dashboard truck cameras is one relatively new safety trend throughout the trucking industry that can be highly relevant to accident cases. Much like dashboard cameras in police vehicles aim to improve safety and officer accountability, trucking companies have employed this technology to try to prevent careless or dangerous behaviors on the part of their truck drivers. While these cameras are not yet required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA),[1] many leaders in the industry have installed cameras [2] in their fleet, aiming to start a wider trend.

Camera Footage can Serve as Evidence of Negligence

If a truck accident does occur and the truck has a camera, footage from the camera can be extremely helpful in identifying errors or negligence on the part of the truck driver. The following are the two types of cameras that have become popular and how they can help in your truck accident case.

Front-facing Cameras — The majority of dashboard cameras face toward the road in front of the truck. These cameras can show whether the truck driver was traveling too close to another vehicle, whether the driver had to suddenly brake, whether a dangerous lane change took place, among many other negligent driving behaviors. This footage combined with the truck’s “black box” can provide detailed insight into how the truck was operated just prior to the collision.

Driver-facing Cameras — Some companies have also installed cameras facing the driver to monitor their actions behind the wheel. While drivers have protested that such cameras are a privacy invasion, companies have maintained that the surveillance holds drivers accountable and encourages them to avoid dangerous behaviors. If you are in a truck accident, these cameras can serve as evidence that the driver was distracted, fatigued or falling asleep, intoxicated, using a cell phone, or many other negligent acts.

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