Truck Equipment Failure: A Leading Cause of Truck Accidents

Truck equipment failure is one of the five leading causes of truck accidents. Given the sheer size and weight of these big rigs, when any piece of equipment breaks or proves defective, the results can be catastrophic, especially at high speeds.

Tires: Important Safety Equipment

As I’ve spoken about in the video above, safety inspections of truck wheels are an example of how truck drivers and carriers should be conducting simple, quick safety checks to ensure that their trucks’ wheels are properly secured to their semi-tractor trailers.

Key Truck Equipment Failures

Truck equipment failure can occur on the mechanics of the truck itself, or in connection with equipment used to secure transported loads. Listed below are are just of the ways that trucks traveling through Illinois, Wisconsin and elsewhere might suffer equipment failure.

  • Tire blowouts and tread separations
  • Brake failure
  • Defective tandem or coupling between the tractor and the trailer
  • Broken or missing side mirrors
  • Broken hydraulic hoses
  • Defective braking systems
  • Defective steering device
  • Defective trailer hitches
  • Faulty windshield wipers
  • Burned out or broken headlights and tail lights

Regulating Truck Equipment to Prevent Failures

Truck Equipment Inspection can Save Lives
Truck Equipment Inspection can Save Lives

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the government agency charged with overseeing the safety of the trucking industry. The FMSCA has detailed regulations that govern how truck equipment must be inspected and maintained so as to ensure that the 80,000 lbs. trucks are as safe as they can be.

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