Truck Safety Technology Examples

The increased presence of sophisticated truck safety technology devices on big trucks will save hundreds of lives and reduce the number of lawsuits due to injuries related to truck accidents by tens of thousands. Video cameras, event recorders and other devices are being integrated into the safety systems of major trucking companies across the country.

Examples of Truck Safety Technology on the Road

volvo-video-camera-truck-accident-safetyOur colleagues at Evidence Solutions, Inc. have shared interesting safety information about two major trucking companies and how those companies are implementing safety technology in their respective fleets of trucks.

Volvo has shared details about an integrated system to help big trucks stop when their paths are blocked. Volvo’s safety system involves an increasingly intrusive series of lights and alarms. Should those fail to attract the attention of the truck driver of the pending collision, the Volvo system begins applying brakes.

Earlier this year, Con-way Freight shared the news that it will integrate a range of truck safety technology and products across its fleet.

According to Evidence Solutions, Con-Way Freight chose to implement five truck safety technologies:

  1. Event Recorders: Windshield mounted video cameras that also collect a range of driving and safety-related metrics.
  2. Lane Departure Monitoring: Devices that sound an alarm to warn the driver when and if the truck is weaving outside its lane of travel.
  3. Collision Avoidance: Radar devices to notify tractor-trailer drivers when they are too close to any trucks or other vehicles in front of their truck.
  4. Roll Stability Control: Devices that systematically reduce engine speed to improve the stability and safety of the tractor and trailer.
  5. On-board Performance: A system to help truck drivers develop safe driving habits, following best practices for road safety and fuel economy.

Implications of Truck Safety Technology

According to a study from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, cameras mounted in vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 lbs. would save approximately 800 lives and reduce truck-accident related injuries by an estimated 38,000. Those are significant numbers! Saving that many lives and reducing injuries by almost 40,000 people makes it clear that we need the trucking industry to begin implementation of these cameras and other technologies.

Our thanks to Evidence Solutions, Inc. for their information and leadership in the expert analysis of truck accidents.

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