Why Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Within the wider scope of personal injury law, the investigation and litigation of truck accidents presents a host of complex issues and challenges. While even the most seasoned truck accident lawyer can struggle with truck accident cases, the inner workings of pursuing justice for those wrongly injured or killed in such crashes often prove beyond the skills of general practitioners.
While there are not ready statistics to put a exact number on it, there are plenty of examples where bringing on a leading truck accident lawyer in a truck crash case can add significant value to your and your client’s case.

After almost 20 years of working as a personal injury lawyer, I have come to appreciate the value that an attorney who focuses on a particular area of litigation can bring to the legal arena. With respect to truck crash litigation, a skilled and experienced truck accident attorney should can the following resources:

  1. Experience with trucks and truck issues
  2. Thorough understanding of the various theories of liability, including the potential parties in the chain with responsibility for the truck accident
  3. In-depth knowledge of the complexity of truck safety rules, laws and guidelines that govern the trucking industry
  4. An existing team of trucking experts and investigators

Trucks Are Complicated Machines

Weighing upwards of 65,000 to 80,000 lbs., the massive tractor-trailers that rumble down our highways are complex machines, often with advanced onboard computer systems. While invaluable to the transport of goods and products, they present significant safety concerns in a variety of ways including design, manufacturing and the maintenance process.

A truck accident trial lawyer will have a solid knowledge and understanding of these machines, what their design shortcomings might be, how the manufacturing process should proceed and what recommended maintenance schedules should be. This familiarity with the trucks as machines is a “must have” when considering responsibility and fault in heavy truck accident litigation.

An Ocean of Trucking Laws and Guidelines

The Department of Transportation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the National Transportation Board and countless other federal, state and local governmental bodies issues laws, rules and guidelines covering the proper and safe operation and maintenance of trucks. These rules are regularly updated and refreshed in light of not only new technology, but also, sadly as a result of tragic crashes and incidents.

Any truck accident lawyer worth their salt will know these guidelines backwards and forwards. They will keep themselves abreast of the changes and will possess keen insight into what those changes will mean for truck drivers, trucking companies, truck maintenance providers and even for others on the road.

An experienced truck accident attorney can use this knowledge prove the truck drivers and truck company’s training in and knowledge of these rules. Experience truck accident attorneys can prove that a truck driver or trucking company “chose” to ignore these important rules, focusing on profit over public safety. These selfish and illegal “choices” can add significant value to any trucking crash case – and can even result in punitive damages.

On Call Truck Accident Investigators and Experts

As with any vehicle accident case, the quality of a case often hinges on the quality of the investigation. For truck accident cases, this is especially true. Getting experienced and skilled investigators on scene, collecting data and documenting evidence is of paramount importance to a successful case.

Once the evidence is collected, it needs to be reviewed and studied by trucking experts and accident reconstruction specialists. These experts and specialists provide key analysis into the causes of a truck crash, what happened during a crash and how a crash could have been avoided.

The assembly and maintenance of an emergency response truck accident investigation team takes years of handling serious trucking accidents and considerable resources – resources that a successful truck accident attorney can bring to a case.

A Firm of Truck Accident Lawyers

I take great pride in the success that my firm, Whiting Law Group, has delivered over the years. We’ve secured more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients in states across the US. We have delivered record-setting settlements for clients in very difficult cases. I invite you to contact me directly to discuss how Whiting Law Group might can value to your next truck crash case.

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